Should I use a Recruitment Consultant?

There are many benefits to using a recruitment consultant to help you secure your next role.    Our team at RAMPLING CLARKE have extensive experience of recruiting into the professional sector, and our support, industry knowledge and professional assistance goes far beyond simply applying for jobs on your behalf.

We work closely with our clients and local firms to help them meet their recruitment needs, and our relationship with these firms means we are kept up to date with future growth plans and often have knowledge of potential opportunities –  before they even make it to advertising.

What are the benefits of using a Recruitment Agency?

One of the greatest benefits of using a recruitment consultant to help you secure a new role is the bespoke introduction process.    The global pandemic has made job hunting even more competitive with many live vacancies attracting hundreds of online applications; you could be the perfect candidate for a position, however, your CV and covering letter may well end up sitting for a long period in a vast inbox, alongside many many other applications. 

At Rampling Clarke when we introduce you as our candidate, we have the opportunity to liaise directly with the client and more importantly the person who is hiring.  We have an understanding of the role and its requirements and have the chance to share with them your strengths, skills, and suitability for the role as well as sharing your experience, career history and your CV.    

The Rampling Clarke registration process means we get to know you and understand your priorities and your requirements when searching for your perfect new role, and our clients trust our recommendation that we are introducing suitable candidates, with the correct skill set, experience and availability.  More often than not, an introduction from Rampling Clarke results in an interview for you.   

The interview stage is another opportunity for your consultant to assist you further in securing a new role.  At Rampling Clarke we always ensure that your interviewer is prepped with information on your work background and your goals for the future, and in turn we can share with you the predicted format of the interview, the style of the interviewer, advice on dress code and the firm’s usual interview process and following/next steps.    Meaning when the day and time comes, that you are prepared and ready to meet your potential new employer.

The team at Rampling Clarke arrange for a feedback breakdown after each interview, this is another opportunity for your consultant to represent you, answer any queries or forward something perhaps you forgot to mention?   Our consultants manage this stage for you and ensure full feedback is relayed as soon as possible.  

Your dedicated Rampling Clarke Consultant is usually the first person to receive an offer of employment for you, and this presents another opportunity for us to represent you and negotiate on your behalf.   Our team are highly experienced in offer negotiations and will liaise for you, based on your instructions when it comes to salaries, benefits, start date and more.    

At Rampling Clarke we are confident that we can introduce you to many opportunities, and if your perfect new role is not already on our current vacancy list, then please talk to one of our consultants to arrange a tailored search on your behalf.     Our consultants can conduct a confidential search and find you a new opportunity based directly on your requirements.

Are there more benefits to using a Recruitment Consultant?  

We think the answer to this is yes and comes down to Time Management:  Perhaps your circumstances have changed, perhaps you need to find a position closer to home and or with flexible working hours or days; Our consultants can work around you at times to suit you.   We too have become full time remote workers, homeschoolers, home-based IT support technicians and even hairdressers, during these strange times!   We understand that finding a new and more suitable role could be your highest priority but finding the time to make this happen outside of your day job – is near impossible! 

Using RAMPLING CLARKE means your dedicated consultant can liaise with you outside of working hours, and at times to suit and to help you make your plans.  Our team can then carry out your search for a new role, on your behalf, during the key office hours.

If you’d like to find out more or are considering a move in the future, please get in touch for a confidential discussion.  Registering with Rampling Clarke is simple

Arrange a call with Claire Louise Clarke ( 07702 573813) or Arron Rampling ( 07479 510 141) at a time to suit you.     

When you register with Rampling Clarke we keep your details completely confidential.  Your CV and personal details will never be sent anywhere without your prior consent, and we conduct our tailored searches for candidates on an entirely confidential basis.