Questions on Qualification & Steering Your Career

Rampling Clarke teamed up with the Norfolk & Norwich Junior Lawyers Division (NNJLD) to host the Questions on Qualification and Steering your Career event in Norwich. The event was aimed primarily at those about to qualify or those who have recently qualified. 45 people attended and joined us on the evening!

Director Arron Rampling opened the event with a brief introduction to Rampling Clarke and the evening’s speakers and panellists. Serena Djiakouris, President of the NNJLD, hosted the event and passed the submitted questions to the panel. The panel was made up of several junior lawyers from multiple firms and areas of law.

After the event, attendees were welcomed to make introductions and catch up with familiar faces. It was a fantastic evening and we are hoping to host more evenings and events like this in the future. If you are a trainee or a junior lawyer and have questions about your career, or your plans and goals, please get in touch!

After the event, Rampling Clarke published a handful of free resources for junior and young lawyers. The information Questions on Qualification information pack includes details on what steps you can take to steer your career, a look back at some of the FAQs, and useful links and resources document. If you missed the event – this is a great way to get a flavour of the evening. And best of all, the documents are available to all!

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