Are You Qualifying in 2023?

Rampling Clarke is focusing on the year ahead and we want to talk to you about your future!  A large number of firms are looking to add to their teams at NQ level, so…

When is the right time to consider your options on qualification?

The answer is now, or at any point in your training. Firstly, the team at Rampling Clarke has expert knowledge and understanding of the journey to qualification and beyond.  We work with firms looking to fill their recruitment gaps at NQ level ranging from international, national, and regional practices.  The team is happy to share their knowledge and help you plan the next chapter in your career. 

What opportunities are available for NQ’s

The team at Rampling Clarke are actively working on many NQ roles. There are some real career-making opportunities available at the moment and a variety of impressive firms:

List of NQ roles for those newly qualified.

If you have a vision for your future that isn’t listed above, then please do reach out to a member of the team who will be happy to discuss (in total confidence) the many ways in which we can work with you to help make this happen.

In addition to the active roles, we have excellent client relationships. Meaning we are able to open up bespoke and unique opportunities that meet your specific requirements and skill sets that aren’t necessarily advertised.  

When and how do I decide what to do on qualification?

If you are uncertain of which direction your future is headed, the team is here as a sounding board for you and is always happy to assist you in achieving your goals.  Conversations with the Rampling Clarke consultants are always confidential.

Rampling Clarke have an in-depth knowledge of the legal profession. We have an understanding of numerous firms, their cultures, and their working environments.  We can help identify firms that suit your motivators and fit your future goals, and additionally work on your behalf to open opportunities.

Can I use a Recruitment Consultant when looking for an NQ role?

The answer is YES.  We know how intense and competitive the trainee solicitor application and recruitment process is. We are pleased to report that things are very different when considering your options on qualification!

The Legal Recruitment team at Rampling Clarke has over 50 years of experience in legal recruitment, HR, and Talent Acquisition.  Our consultants come from legal backgrounds and have a thorough understanding of the recruitment process from both sides.

What benefits are there to using a Recruitment Agency for an NQ role?

Now, this is a lengthy subject, and the list of benefits is very impressive indeed!  Bullets points below and full blog to be found here – Click Here

Firstly, at the top of the benefits list is your dedicated consultant, who takes the time to understand you, your requirements, and how best to help you.  The consultants at Rampling Clarke recognise that whilst planning your future, you will likely have a busy diary and workload to manage too.  Our consultants are also happy to work on your behalf, and liaise with you outside of office hours, allowing you to focus on the day job whilst we work on the dream job.

  • CV Guidance/Preparation:  Your CV will look very different to your application for a training contract and the team can help you highlight your strengths and how to stand out
  • Tips on raising your Profile
  • Bespoke Introductions to the firms of your choice: We ensure you standout
  • Interview preparation and support:  We can share information on format and what to expect on the day, further processes and timeframes
  • Full interview feedback
  • Negotiating on your behalf: (salary, benefits, working pattern, further professional development)
  • Additional Support: Practising certificate applications and queries, educational and study clawback queries and restrictive covenant queries

What do I need to consider when moving firms on qualification?

There is much to consider when looking to secure a new role on qualification (or if you are looking to transfer the remainder of your training contract to another firm). However, we can support you every step of the way, whether that be assisting with your practicing certificate application, liaising with your future employer on practicing certificate fees, queries on educational and study clawback clauses, and considering any restrictive covenants you may come across too.    We have the knowledge and experience to help.

Consultant Lisa Edwards is the resident expert on all things Trainee Solicitor and NQ-related.   Before joining the team at Rampling Clarke, Lisa was an HR Director for a regional law firm and ran an extremely successful Trainee Solicitor Programme,and many of Lisa’s recruits have gone on to secure partnerships and other senior positions in the region, Cambridge, and London.  Lisa’s successes regularly return for her support when making their next career moves, and when looking to bring in new talent to their own teams too.  

NQ Focus – Can I transfer my current training contract?

The answer is YES.   This is something we have experience with and there are potential opportunities for those considering such a move at present.  The team at Rampling Clarke has expert knowledge when it comes to understanding your training contract and the SRA requirements, and can certainly talk to you about firms and roles where this may be a possibility.    Please do get in touch to arrange a confidential discussion on your situation.

NQ Focus – Can I use my time to Count and bring forward?

Again, the answer is Yes.  The team at Rampling Clarke has expert knowledge when it comes to understanding your training contract, time to count, and the SRA requirements and procedures.   We have successfully secured NQ roles for candidates who have then applied their time to count – bringing forward their qualification and the move to their next firm.   Such a move is dependent on several circumstances but it is certainly something the team can consider with you if you wish to do so.     

What do Trainees and NQ’s say about Rampling Clarke?

Testimonial, NQ Solicitor 2023

“Lisa was incredibly helpful in securing my dream NQ role at a large international Cambridge firm. She was incredibly professional and discreet at all times throughout the process. From the day I initially reached out to her all the way through to securing the offer and afterwards, she was very quick to respond to my many queries. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lisa to anyone looking for their next career move”

Testimonial, NQ Solicitor 2023

Claire was fantastic from start to finish. She made me feel incredibly reassured and took the pressure off the whole process. She ensured that she put no pressure on me and always had my best interest in mind.  I have secured an amazing opportunity to join a Global law firm as an NQ in 2023.

Testimonial, NQ role using Time to Count  

I recently dealt with Arron Rampling who assisted me with finding a new role. Arron was very friendly and approachable throughout the whole process. Arron was also easy to communicate with and made me feel very at ease. I would highly recommend Arron and Rampling Clarke to others.

Are you a trainee wanting to talk about your future in Law?

Whatever stage of your training contract, and building on an extremely busy NQ recruitment market, the team at Rampling Clarke is inviting all to reach out for a confidential discussion.  The legal profession truly is our favourite topic of conversation and we look forward to answering your queries and sharing our knowledge with you.   You can reach out to the team to arrange a confidential discussion as follows: –

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