New Year, New You, New Job?

We all know how hard it is to stick to a New Year’s resolution. So what makes January such a good time for a fresh start? Many people start looking for their next career move in the New Year. The New Year serves as a catalyst for career exploration and advancement, as many people engage with the “New Year, New Me” phenomenon. Rampling Clarke think that the end of the year is the perfect time to reflect upon your personal and professional goals and aspirations. And consequently, whether or not these are attainable where you are or whether a move could be on the cards.

Why do people search for new positions in January?

The beginning of a new year represents a symbolic fresh start, which can motivate people to take leaps of faith and to make changes in their lives. New Year’s Day is a prominent temporal landmark, which means that it is a highly memorable and significant event. This can make people more likely to make resolutions at this time of year, remember them, and follow through on their goals. The holiday season and break provide an opportunity for individuals to reflect on their current career trajectories and identify areas for improvement or advancement.

And it’s not only employees who engage with the New Year phenomenon! Rampling Clarke is working with a number of law firms who are currently putting together their 2024 business plans.  
Recruitment and growth strategies feature very highly in these plans, and we are currently awaiting the release of the new vacancies from many of our clients.   We are expecting an influx of new opportunities. Be it immediate vacancies, or information on trends and areas in which firms are looking to strategically grow their teams. This makes for a very favourable time to explore your own career goals and plans for the year ahead.

Why start your New Years job search early: avoid stress and anxiety of the January rush.

Conversely, why wait until the New Year rush to start thinking about your career?

Starting a new job search in the New Year can be an exciting proposition. However, it’s crucial to approach the job search strategically and with a well-defined plan to increase your chances of success. And Rampling Clarke are ready to support you in your planning now!

How to beat the New Years rush:

Starting your job search early can help you avoid the stress and anxiety of feeling pressured to find a new job in the midst of the January rush. Start your search now and approach the process with a more relaxed and confident mindset.

  • Take time to really think about your career goals and expectations
    The fastest way to reach your goals is to know and understand what it is you want. Think about what your ideal position looks like, and what factors you will need to consider in order to achieve this. Having a clear idea in your head will help you communicate your expectations and requirements to others.

  • Utilise the Christmas break to revamp your LinkedIn profile
    We know that plenty of prospective clients use LinkedIn to peek at applicants before interview. Set some time aside this holiday break to update any outdated details. Include any new achievements or new areas of work to ensure that your LinkedIn is prepped and ready to go come January.

  • Update your CV
    With more people looking to make a career move early in the New Year, it may be harder to make yourself stand out in a sea of CVs. It’s a good idea to keep your CV updated regularly, regardless of whether you’re looking to make a move. Rampling Clarke create each candidate their own bespoke Rampling Clarke CV, free of charge. Firms recognise and commend Rampling Clarke CVs for their polished, well-structured presentation.

  • Make an initial enquiry with Rampling Clarke.
    We have recently created an enquiry page on our website for candidates to share their ideal position, location, salary, with us. Once a suitable opportunity becomes available we will reach out to you in the first instance, and make sure you’re the first to know. You will not be registered with Rampling Clarke, nor subscribed to any newsletters or email marketing by completing this form.
Contact a Rampling Clarke consultant today to discuss your career plans for 2024, and let’s get the ball rolling!

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