Navigating mulitple job offers.

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Managing multiple job offers.

The team at Rampling Clarke are very familiar with this situation. Whilst it is lovely to find yourself with a choice of offers, managing time frames and the different firms as well as making the actual decision – can very daunting. Especially without the dedicated support of a Recruitment Consultant.

The team at Rampling Clarke regularly manage multiple offers and plan and arrange interview diaries very carefully for candidates and clients.     Our close working client relationships mean that we can have discussions on your behalf, and the team are experts at navigating time frames and managing expectations on both sides. 

Making a career move is an enormous decision in any event. Deciding between firms and multiple offers adds even more weight to the decision.  The team at Rampling Clarke, and our clients, are keen to support candidates during this process. 

Making the right move leads to the best long-term results. A carefully made and full informed decision is better for clients and candidates alike.

Then how do you decide between firms?

You may already know which offer you were most likely to accept. But if you find yourself choosing between two (or more) firms, how do you know you’re making the right decision?  The Rampling Clarke team are there to talk through your preferences and goals, and to consider any additional negotiation that could be made. We act as a sounding board during this time.

It’s important to remember what your goals are, and to evaluate each opportunity carefully and weighing the pros and cons of each.  We can help you take the time to consider your long-term career goals, as well as the company culture and job responsibilities.

Rampling Clarke are career consultants and want to help you make the right choice for you.   Our team is not driven by targets and KPIs. Our successes are ideal, long-term placements, for happy candidates and clients.

A testimonial from a candidate who received multiple offers.
A testimonial from a candidate who received multiple offers.

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