Choosing a Recruitment Consultant to work for you

Claire Louise Clarke, Director at Rampling Clarke – The Professional Recruitment Company, considers how important it is to choose the right consultant or agency to represent you or your firm.    Whether you are looking for your next career move or whether you are looking to secure your next recruit, now more than ever choosing the right agency will greatly influence your experience and results.

“The current recruitment market is extremely candidate driven, with lots of firms keen to recruit. The team and I are aware of several agencies obtaining CVs and blanket sending what they recognise as good candidates to every single contact out there in the hope that something sticks.   I think it’s awful that people’s personal details and information are being sent around without prior discussion. Sometimes to the wrong person, wrong place, and with little or no regard for confidentiality at all!  We all know that the legal community is often well connected! Rampling Clarke prefer a much more structured and considered approach.”

How to choose a Recruitment Agency?

Whether you’re a client looking to secure your next recruit, or a candidate looking for your next career move, choosing the right agency to represent you is a highly important decision.

Rampling Clarke work differently from other recruiters: Making the right placement is what matters to us most.  With our knowledge and understanding of recruitment, HR, and the legal industry, we can ensure we are providing excellent client and candidate service. And we consult with both parties throughout the process and making informed applications.

And clients like working with us! This therefore means that as a Rampling Clarke candidate, we can provide more opportunities for you. It is our passion for excellent service (rather than targets and KPIs) that drives our team.

How to pick the best Recruitment Consultant to Represent you?

Picking the right recruiter to represent you makes all the difference.  As well as advertising our current vacancies, Rampling Clarke welcome candidates who wish to register their interest and requirements for a new role.  People’s circumstances change. At Rampling Clarke, we recognise that people are not always in a rush to make a move. We work with several candidates who have specific requirements and we can notify them of opportunities as and when they arise, with no pressure or obligation. 

If you are looking for a move right away, the team can share with you all relevant roles, and using our local knowledge and relationships. We can also work with clients to create bespoke roles and opportunities too.

If you would like to talk to one of the Rampling Clarke team, you can contact us to arrange a convenient time for a confidential discussion.   We appreciate that outside of the working week is often the best time to plan your future and we are happy to arrange evening and weekend appointments. Get in touch!

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