Career Priorities 2023 – Results!

Following the Covid 19 pandemic, our workplace priorities shifted from traditional office-based work to remote work, and in the years after the pandemic we have had to adjust to new work environments, technologies, and communication methods. Overall, the pandemic threw many challenges working professionals, and many people were forced to reevaluate what mattered most to them. Rampling Clarke wanted to find out what our current career priorities are in 2023.

We asked colleagues, connections, clients and candidates to participate in a short online career priorities survey to help us understand what is most important to working professionals.

Your answers are in, and we are pleased to share the results with you!

Our findings show that a majority of people are currently prioritising a good work/life balance. 32% of participants said that a good work/life balance was a priority in their careers. This was the majority answer for the question “What matters most to you when it comes to your career?”. A good work-life balance can help people to reduce stress, get enough sleep, and help people take care of their physical and mental health.

Another popular choice was career progression and development. When asked, 19% of people said that continued professional development would encourage them to stay at a workplace. Similarly, 21% of people said that a lack of opportunities would encourage them to leave a workplace. Taking on new challenges and responsibilities is a good way to take your career progression into your own hands. As recruitment consultants, we love to see people achieving their goals and striving for success. Don’t wait for opportunities – make them!

Another popular vote was for flexible working, something which we have seen and continue to see more and more of following the Coronavirus pandemic. While some businesses returned to the office as soon as it was declared safe to do so, some continue to opt for more hybrid and flexible styles of working.

For the question “what would make you leave a workplace”, someone suggested that they would feel encouraged to leave a workplace if it became a requirement to be in the office fulltime instead of hybrid working, and Flexibility came out on top as the most popular workplace perk.

A surprise result was the 10% of votes for Remuneration as a reason for leaving a workplace. It seems that people really value a good working environment and work/life balance, and in some cases this is a higher priority than salary.

You can see the career priorities survey results in full below!

We asked you what matters most when it comes to your career.

32% of participants said: Work/life balance

26% of participants said: Career progression

20% of participants said: Hybrid working

12% of participants said: Remuneration

12% of participants said: Working environment

2% of participants said: Other

We asked you what would make you stay at workplace.

26% of participants said: Work/life balance

25% of participants said: Their colleagues

19% of participants said: Continued professional developmen

14% of participants said: Remuneration

14% of participants said: Working environment

2% of participants said: Other

* One “Other” suggestion was a “4 day week”.

We asked you what would make you leave a workplace.

28% of participants said: Poor leadership

21% of participants said: A lack of opportunities

20% of participants said: Poor work/life balance

19% of participants said: Working environment

10% of participants said: Remuneration

2% of participants said: Other

* One “Other” suggestion was “Being forced into the office full time instead of hybrid.”

Lastly, we asked you which important perks would enhance your day-to-day.

24% of participants said: Flexibilty

20% of participants said: Free parking

16% of participants said: Mental heath support + awareness

11% of participants said: Office close to local amenities

10% of participants said: Active team social life

8% of participants said: Diversity + inclusion strategy

5% of participants said: An office pet

3% of participants said: Green/sustainability

3% of participants said: Other

* Thank you to the eagle eyed participant that noticed in the survey the question read “Diversity + inclusion”, when it should have read “Diversity + inclusion strategy”. While policies and strategies don’t ensure inclusion, they can signal and cement the commitment to creating an inclusive workplace.

* “Other” suggestions:
Perks e.g. corporate discounts24 days ago
No surveillance of staff, e.g sign in sheets and calendar policing

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