Am I being Head-hunted?

Being headhunted means being approached by an employer or recruiter in an unsolicited fashion and we understand from our own clients and candidates that there has been a huge increase in Head-hunters of late, usually in the form of blanket emails, cold calls, and surprise social media messages. Perhaps you too have noticed unexpected contact from an unknown recruiter claiming to have fantastic opportunities for you?

Tempting, isn’t it? If you are looking for something new, we would like to invite you for a free confidential chat with Rampling Clarke, to discuss the entire jobs market and explore those opportunities. We can discuss roles that actually meet your requirements. We can talk you through the firms, their culture, working patterns, and career progression available – as well as salaries, benefits, and some truly lucrative bonuses. 

Why are there so many Head-hunters at the moment?

So why are there so many Head-hunters at the moment? We at Rampling Clarke believe that this increase is due to the vast number of firms looking to recruit for roles that require urgent attention. Head-hunters often work for one firm, whereas Rampling Clarke takes pride in working for YOU. We can share ALL the latest and suitable vacancies that meet your requirements and expectations, giving you a whole overview of the current jobs market and assisting with making an informed decision on where your career is headed next. 

The team at Rampling Clarke works differently: We have great relationships with firms across East Anglia, London, Essex, and the Midlands. We take the time to get to know our clients, their business, their work culture, benefits, and locales. This means that we are able to make perfect matches between client and candidate based on a real understanding of requirements and needs.  

Reach out to our consultants today to discuss your career goals and to get the ball rolling with your next career move. 

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The team at Rampling Clarke work across the Legal, Accounting and Financial Services sector and can assist you in finding a new role in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex, The East Midlands and into London. You can view our current vacancies at

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